And the Winning News Is… I’m In Good Shape

It’s always nice to start the weekend with good news.

Late Friday evening, I heard from Dr. Lowe, my oncologist. He called me saying, “I’m looking at your radiology report and there is nothing exciting…” This is the type of instance in which boring is a good thing. My wife and I were elated. I can live with a “lump bump” as one of my friends calls it, knowing it has no intention of doing me any harm. That, combined with a PSA level that is holding and a testosterone level that remains low, was very good news for starting the weekend.

Two minutes later, Dr. Lowe wrote back to let me know it was Friday evening and he was in the office learning the new EMR (electronic medical records) system that was installed this week. This time it was me who could offer a bit of sympathy as he and his practice entered the brave (and highly efficient) new world of electronic records. I am glad he is that dedicated to the transition. Prostate cancer is enough. I’d hate to be the victim of a records foul up and learn I had been diagnosed with some sort of women’s cancer during my next visit!

One more shot to go in May!
Wishing you all a good weekend and good health!

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8 Responses to “And the Winning News Is… I’m In Good Shape”

  1. Excellent news!

  2. Fantasstic news Dan. Keep up the good work!

  3. Before PCa I never thought that the words “nothing exciting,” “holding,” or “undetectable” could indeed convey such great news. So, congratulations, Dan!

    Friday was a good day for me, too, since my PSA also remains undetectable and my urologist thinks that “undetectable” will continue to apply for maybe up to a year after receiving my last degarelix shot next week. (My oncologist, whom I also saw on Friday, was not quite as effusive, but she’s happy with “nothing changed,” as well.)

    Susan and I went and shared a celebratory margarita Friday evening–and the wave of hot flashes that followed all night and into most of Saturday was still worth it.


    • So good to hear your good news too! Congratulations!

      Glad you had the margarita celebration. Those hot flashes are going to come and go no matter what. Better to have a good excuse for them!

  4. wonderful news…

  5. No news is good news.

    Best wishes for continuing “boring-ness.”