David Emerson’s Legacy Lives On

Even after his passing, David will continue to serve his brothers in cancer.



As I reached for the incoming call this morning, the last person I thought it might be would be Mary Emerson. It’s only been two months since David lost his battle to prostate cancer. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Mary and her family had decided to take a break from cancer and focus on their healing. In fact, after all they had been through during the years of David’s illness, I couldn’t fault them if they decided to make a permanent about face from the disease that has forever changed their lives.

I couldn’t imagine why Mary was calling. I asked how she and the family were doing and I was pleased to hear her positive response. They are healing.

Mary then went on to tell me that the Board of Directors of Faith, Love, Hope, Win (FLHW)–the foundation started by her and David to help support the research supported of the Prostate Cancer Foundation–had met and decided to continue its work. She continued by saying that she and the Board felt that it was a fitting tribute to David’s memory. She was also calling to make a very generous donation from FLHW for their work in 2012.

I said to Mary that we at PCF are honored to have their continued support and that David, like my other friend Trip, will forever remain a hero in my mind. Whenever I talked with him, he would update me on his participation in clinical trials. As trying as they were, no matter how far he had to travel to participate, I never once heard him complain. I knew it wasn’t easy on either David or Mary, and I thanked Mary for her strength and support. Their contributions to moving clinical trials forward will continue to serve men with prostate cancer for many years to come. So too will the ongoing work of FLHW.

In reply to an email I sent to Mary asking if I could share this story, she wrote:

“Absolutely! When David was diagnosed almost 8 years ago, our treatment options were very limited. Although the statistics were not in our favor, we were determined to fight the battle against PC. Finding the PCF website was such a blessing…. The resources that the website provided were invaluable. We adopted a focus on nutrition and exercise, bought the cookbooks and found hope through our ability to empower ourselves where we could. It has been amazing to watch PCF evolve through the years. The benefits of the research that PCF has supported have done nothing but grow exponentially. I know David would be so happy to see the progress that continues to be made today. On behalf of the FLHW Board, I am honored to continue to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

 ”My daily thoughts and prayers continue to be with you Dan.” 

I find such selflessness as inspirational as it can be overwhelming.

As we enter this holiday season we are reminded that it is a time of love and sharing. Thank you, Mary and David for continuing to share so much with us all.

I wish you and your family peace and the comfort of many warm memories of David.