Home Remedy for Sore Throat

When you are having sore throat, you will feel extremely uncomfortable from the pain and irritation in the throat. You may feel even worse when you swallow. A sore throat will occur as part of your body’s defence mechanism and immune response to foreign pathogens, bacterial or viral infections. What happened is that your natural immune systems will response automatically once these unwanted foreign particles are detected, leading to inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes in the throat.    

Here are some home remedies that may provide some relief to the pain of the throat. One of them is the apple cider vinegar. It is a natural health tonic that has been used in medicine remedies long time back as its main active ingredient is the acetic acid which is able to help to fight bacteria. It was also passed down from our old folks that combining both apple cider vinegar and honey can be used to treat sore throat and cough as well. Therefore, you may drink one cup of warm water which is mixed with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to relive the pain from sore throat. You may also add one tablespoon of honey.  

Besides the use of apple cider vinegar to treat and relieve sore throat, the marshmallow plant has the same effects too. The marshmallow root contains a gelatine-like substance called the mucilage. This substance has the ability to coat and lubricate the throat. You may follow this simple ways to prepare a cold marshmallow root infusion if you are having sore throat problem. All you need is some cold water and about 30 grams of dried marshmallow root. First, fill a jar with about one litre of cold water and place the marshmallow root in cheesecloth, tied up in a bundle into it. Make sure the plant is entirely submerged in the water and infuse overnight for at least ten hours before removing the bundle. It is now ready to be consumed and if desire, you may add some sweetener that you prefer. Sip the drink bit by bit throughout the day in order to help to soothe the throat.   

Honey, which can be easily found in your kitchen, is a great remedy to reduce sore throat. It can be effective in fighting infection and reducing irritation of the throat when you drink honey combined with warm water. However, it is not recommended for young children because of the digestive system has not acquire those healthy bacteria that are able to fight germs naturally. In addition, it is also not recommended to you if you are avoiding sugar in your diet or following a low carbo diet as honey is a form of sugar which may contains up to 18 grams of carbs in a single tablespoon.  

Another simple home remedy is simply by gargling with salt water. This method to get rid of sore throat is quite well known by many. It works as the salt is able to reduce swelling by removing water out from the tissue of your throat while help you to fight against unwanted pathogens or microbes in your throat area. You just need to mix one cup of warm water with one teaspoon of salt. Stir the mixture until the salt dissolves. Gargle with the mixture for about thirty seconds to one minute, as frequent as possible. It is definitely one of the simplest methods to help you to ease the discomfort of your throat.  

If you do not like the taste of salt water, you may try lemon water, which is more refreshing and able to help in reducing sore throat pain and discomfort. Lemon contains an amount of vitamin C and antioxidants required especially when you are having sore throat due to flu or cough. Besides these benefits, it also helps in moisturizing the mucous membrane of the throat as it helps in increasing the amount of produced saliva. If you wish to maximize the effect to soothe your sore throat, you may try combining lemon with warm water and adding some honey or salt, since all the ingredients are great help to sore throat.  

Coconut oil is well known to be a versatile food with many health benefits include fighting against infection, relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Thus, coconut oil is also soothing to the throat as it helps in lubricating the mucous membrane. You can either add a spoonful of coconut to a cup of hot tea or hot soup, or simply consume a spoonful of coconut oil and allow it to melt down the throat. Do remember to limit the consumption of coconut oil to about two tablespoon each day. This is due to the fact that coconut oil has laxative effect at a high dosage. It is advisable to start by consuming only a small amount, about one teaspoon to minimize any potential unwanted side effects.  

Both peppermint and chamomile tea are able to soothe sore throat pain. Peppermint tea contains anti inflammatory compounds and is extremely soothing to the throat. The mint may also slightly numb the throat and therefore, relieving the pain. On the other hand, chamomile tea promotes restorative sleep, helps to fight infection and soothes the pain of sore throat. The teas are widely available in the market, making its preparation extremely simple. For peppermint tea, you can make your own from home by steeping a few fresh peppermint leaves in boiling water for few minutes and then straining off the leaves. Both the peppermint and chamomile tea are caffeine-free and naturally benefit your health besides helping to reduce inflammation and throat discomfort.  

Ginger is also good for comforting sore throat as it comes with antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. You can easily prepare fresh ginger tea at home as all you need are fresh ginger root, water and some sweetener, which is optional. Bring the water to boil and then peel and grate the ginger root. Add about one tablespoon of grated ginger into the boiling water and let it steep for about ten minutes. If you prefer, you may add some sweeter and stir well. The ginger tea can be served either hot or cold.   

When you have sore throat, the best way to reduce the pain and expedite the healing is drinking plenty of fluids. It is very important to keep the mucous membrane of the throat to be hydrated all the time. As mentioned, swallowing can be very uncomfortable when you are having sore throat. Therefore, drinking of plenty of fluid can make your throat feel better. Adequate intake of fluid ensures that you stay well hydrated while allowing your throat to remain moist in order for quicker healing.