It Starts With a Wish and Ends With a Cure…

It’s June and prostate cancer supporters can help raise funds for research by shopping at Safeway-owned stores once more.

Funds raised by Safeway-owned stores for prostate cancer research directed by the Prostate Cancer Foundation are delivering game-changing research and discovery including the identification of more than 27 cancer-causing gene fusions, new biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment response assessment and the development of new drugs to deliver more effective treatments for patients with advanced disease. The support of Safeway shoppers and employees have helped reduce the death rate by more than 40 percent and is moving us closer the ultimate goal of overtreating less and curing more.

It is gratifying to have their corporate support, the commitment of the employees and the generosity of so many shoppers.

This year, with the help of Stand Up to Cancer, the annual June campaign features special reusable shopping bags designed by celebrity Angie Harmon to promote awareness for this cancer that effects 16 million men and their families worldwide–more than 2 million of which live in the U.S. This yeasr’s campaign slogan, It Begins With a Wish and Ends With a Cure, says its all.

I hope you will consider supporting the campaign this June by shopping at Safeway stores and making a donation at the checkout stand by either rounding up to the next dollar on  each purchase or making a specific donation as you pay for your groceries. You can even purchase one of the Angie Harmon bags. Every piece of spare change makes a difference.Learn more about the Safeway Campaign.

Here is a list of Safeway stores across the country: Safeway, Carrs, Dominick’s, Pavilions, Randall’s, Tom Thumb and Vons.

With the help and genrosity of many, our wishes will, indeed, end with a cure.