Pee-to-Play Game Delivers Awareness Message to Men

New urinal game streams awareness message to baseball fans.

urinal-300x164Every morning, as part of my job, I am tasked to review the daily headlines for prostate cancer and circulate the top stories to my colleagues. Most of the stories that we end up discussing in our morning editorial rounds are fascinating, often talking about new treatments or breakthroughs that may soon benefit patients and prolong survival. Some dispel previously-held beliefs about the disease. Others discuss trends in the field, funding, and other related matters. Few are ever entertaining.

This morning was different. Here’s why…

I have always said that when it comes to delivering healthcare messages to men it requires equal parts of innovation and base humor. After all, there is still a little boy in all of us just waiting to giggle at something that only appeals to the male sense of humor.

Now the Phillies’ AAA minor league team, the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, has hit the proverbial nail not on, but in the head, so to speak. When the team’s baseball season begins next week, screens installed above one urinal in each of the ballpark’s men’s room will display a downhill snowmobile competition. How to play? Simply directing the user’s stream left or right will move the driver in that direction. The game screens will display information on prostate cancer when the game is not in action.

What’s more, there is no need to pump the urinal with quarters for play time. All you need is a steady stream and some coordination. (Lack of a steady stream could be an indicator that a visit to one’s urologist may be in order.)

Players will be given a score at the end of their game and high scorers (names only) will be displayed in real time on video boards inside the park. Participants will also be ranked and recognized on the team’s website.

I have to believe that beyond having some fun while receiving an important health message about prostate health, there may well be another benefit. Like the Dutch, who print a small fly on the bottom of their urinals to increase users’ accuracy and prevent unsightly messes on the floor, this system should make some stadium janitors in Lehigh Valley very happy, indeed.

Wishing you good health and a continuing supply of humor!