Remove Dog Urine from Carpet

For dog lovers like you, you are aware that no matter how well-trained your dogs are, there are times when accidents do occur. Your dog may accidently pee on your favourite carpet especially a young puppy or an older doggy. This will cause your entire home to stink as the urine contains strong ammonia smell. Therefore, it is important for you to be equipped with some good knowledge on how to remove the urine of your dog from the carpet in order to prevent the smell to spread.

Most importantly, you must quickly remove and clean up any urine that is still wet. When you spotted that your dog has urinated on the carpet, do not delay in cleaning. Once the urine dries up, it will not only stains the carpet but also increases the growth of bacteria. It is best to remove the urine by placing a few paper towels over the wet area of the carpet. Press hard on the towels so that they could absorb the urine as much as possible. This way, the urine smell can be highly reduced. Keep in your mind that cleaning up the mess right after it happened will definitely save you a lot of work.

If the urine of your dog has already set into the carpet, there are still ways to clean it by neutralizing the urine odor. First, you need to create a white vinegar cleaning solution with a ratio of one to one of vinegar to water. Vinegar is a very good choice as it is able to neutralize the smell of ammonia from the urine without causing the carpet fibers to fade. In other words, it cleans and protects your carpet. Once you have prepared the white vinegar solution, pour it slowly on the affected area on the carpet. Make sure that you allow sufficient time for the solution to reach deep down into the lower fibers in the carpet in order for a complete neutralization to occur. After about ten minutes, use some paper towels to blot the carpet in order to soak up the liquid. Then, leave the carpet to dry, which may take up to few hours.

The process does not end by leaving the carpet to dry. Once the carpet is almost dry, you need to sprinkle some baking soda on the same affected area and allow it to settle. The time that you allow the baking soda to settle into the carpet depends on how severe the stain of the urine. Some suggests to leave it for only 15 minutes while some say it is best to leave it for several hours. After that, run a vacuum over the affected area. With the use of white vinegar and baking soda, your problem should be well taken care off.   

Other than the conventional ways to remove dog urine from the carpet, you may easily opt for some solutions available commercially. In case if the conventional methods fail you, there are many pet urine and stain removers and deodorizers in the market. The variety of choices available can sometimes be a headache as certain products will work better than others, depending on your carpet type. Therefore, it is highly advisable to read the label on the products carefully before getting one that suits your need.