Ximending hotels

Taipei, Taiwan is a very popular tourist destination in Asia. You can find a fusion between heritage and modernity in this little Island situated next to China. Find anything from former world tallest building Taipei 101  or tribal and mountainous area in Kaohsiung.


Taipei is the capital of Taiwan.  Generally, you will want to stay in Ximending area of Taipei as this is one of the hub in Taiwan. Treat Ximending as the equivalent of Manhattan in New York City.  You can find anything from fashion, shopping, restaurant, street foods and many more. To sum it, Ximending is one of the most happening area in in Taiwan.


Accommodation Guide in Ximending

There are plenty of good hotels that you can find in Ximending. Accommodation can be a little more expansive here as compared with the rest of Taiwan. As a rule of thumb. Accommodation starts from 50 dollars onward where you will get hostel or dorm category. Things get more luxurious from 100 dollars onward.

Westgate Hotel

Westgate is possibly one of the most recomended hotel in Ximending. This is probably your choice if there are no budget issues. This 121 rooms hotel is conveniently located just a few step away from Ximen MRT station.  There are also convenient stores such as Watson located nearby Prices can be a little steep starting from 150 dollars onward.

Hotel Midtown Richardson

This hotel is brand new. The reviews are not too bad for a new kid on the block. Hotel is rather dark with ambient light settings. They are giving huge discounts at the time of writing

Dairy of Ximen (Taipei)

This hotel is a good choice especially for those with mid range budget. This hotel is also very quite popular among people who frequently travels to Taipei.

Just Sleep Ximending

Just sleep is also a popular choice amongst tourist. This hotel is also very near to Ximen MRT station. Staffs are very helpful.

City Inn Taipei (Ximending)

City Inn is a popular hotel chains in Taiwan. City Inn Ximending is situtuated inside Ximending so you may want to book the right hotel. Rooms are clean funky and modern. This hotel is situation just next to exit 3 Ximeding. There are choices from Standard to large family room.

Amba Taipei Ximen

This hotel is located just at Wuchang Street, Ximending. There are 162 rooms in this hotel while it’s just 5 minutes walk away from Ximen station. Hotel is wooden based concept where it is design by Muji concept.

Good 9 Stay Inn

Good 9 stay is a popular choice if you have lower budget. Staffs are extremely helpful and friend. Rooms are clean and comfortable.

Free free to visit  http://ximendinghotel.com/ for hotel guide in Ximending area.